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Please find below some useful links to other organisations along with useful documents for you to download.
A really good guide The DLA claim form is huge and it can seem daunting at first glance. But don't panic. Take your time, use this guide and you should be able to complete it without too much trouble.
Voice for life – an organisation that helps regarding speech and language impairment.
The National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) was launched in 2011, and is funded by central government.
Your spotlight on health and social care services – Healthwatch make sure that the overall views and experiences of people who use health and social care services are heard and taken seriously at a local and national level.
Contact a Family is a UK charity for families with disabled children. Offers information on specific conditions and rare disorders.
CDC aims to make a difference to the lives of disabled children and children with special educational needs. We do this by influencing Government policy, working with local agencies to translate policy into practice and producing guidance on issues affecting the lives of disabled children.
Dorset Advocacy’s independent advocates help to ensure that rights are upheld and that peoples’ views, wishes and needs are heard, respected and acted upon.
We are an organisation who can help you find the right support, services and information for your family

Bournemouth local offer.
Our Local Offer’s for families and carers of children up to 25 years old with special educational needs. Find out what’s available to do with health, education and social care and use our SEND directory to find what you need

Childcare Choices Website
30 Hours Free Childcare, Tax Free Child care and More/ Help with cost –